our mission statement


The purpose of the IVHI is to advance the shared responsibility of public health in preventing disease and promoting positive health practices through collaboration in health information, scientific research, education, service demonstrations, training opportunities, program initiatives, and policy development to meet changing health conditions. 

It works to deal with current problems and endeavors to anticipate new problems and develop policies, plans, interventions, and reforms as new ones evolve.  IVHI involves health related experts, policy leaders, and the public in planning and carrying out its programs. Wherever and whenever possible  longitudinal research designs, multidisciplinary research teams, experimental scientific methods and enlightened social values are focused in bringing about health innovations. 

IVHI maintains a scholarly atmosphere of inquiry and promotes the protection of human subjects in pursuit of the solution of public health problems.  Research findings are reported to the public and efficacious findings disseminated to facilitate their implementation.  Also, health related personnel have their skills and knowledge base enhanced to advance their public health responsibilities in policy, planning, science, and service delivery.

In keeping with the Ten Essential Public Health Services (CDC.gov; and listed below), major areas of emphasis include the prevention and control of environmental health hazards, prevention and control of infectious and chronic diseases, assistance to particularly vulnerable population groups, and development of health facilities, agencies, and health service delivery systems, regulation of health care facilities and agencies providing prevention and treatment services for substance abusers, and development of innovative laboratory procedures, biological products, and vaccines.

IVHI endeavors to conduct a comprehensive support system of science acquisition, data management, and health services research.  Accordingly, plans, promotes, and coordinates health services research; and conducts evaluation, demonstration, and health statistical activities.  IVHI may maintain the following health research and information systems including, but not limited to:

(a) the cause, effects, extent, and nature of illness and disability of the people of this region, or a grouping of its people;

(b) the impact of illness and disability of the people of this region on the economy of this state and on other aspects of the well-being of its people or a grouping of its people;

(c) environmental, laboratory, social, and other health issues and health knowledge and practices of the people of this region;

(d) determinants of health and nutritional practices and status, including “behavior” related to health;

(e) the quality and availability of health resources in this region, including, but not limited to, health care institutions and health professionals;

(f) access to and use of health care, which may include the utilization of ambulatory health services by specialties and types of practice of the health professionals providing the services, and the services of health facilities and agencies;

(g) health care costs and financing, which may include the trends in health care prices and costs, the sources of payments for health care services, and federal, state, and local government expenditures for health care services;

(h) conduct or support training activities related to environmental, laboratory, social and other health related issues;

(i)  health information networks;

(j)  community health analysis;

(k) public health policies and programs; 

(l)  health profiles and systems reform; and,

(m) other issues considered appropriate by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

International Valley Health Institute

1923 S Mon Mack Rd

Edinburg, TX  78539-8838


Board Members:

Isidore Flores, PhD

Angel Brana, MD, MPH

Gary Mounce, PhD